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Safe food is our business

Dining Services takes great care to ensure we provide you with safe food. You also have a responsibility to keep food safe in your residence hall room or apartment.

What We Do

Staff members are certified in food safety and sanitation through the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP). The Cortland County Department of Health inspects each dining unit on a regular basis. This ensures they are using safe food and sanitation practices.

Following NRFSP guidelines, Dining makes sure that:

  • Food is cooked to proper temperatures to destroy microorganisms and then held at proper temperatures to prevent foodborne illness.
  • Food preparation practices prevent cross-contamination, especially with regard to food allergies.
  • Staff members wear clean and appropriate uniforms.
  • Staff members do not work when they are ill.

What You Can Do

Review the FDA Buy, Store & Serve Safe Food

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