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Meal Plans

SUNY Cortland requires all students living on campus to participate in a meal plan — but all students can sign up to enjoy the convenience of dining on campus. 

You can supplement your meal plan by adding money to a Connections account for use on or off campus.

On-Campus Students

Off-Campus Students

On-Campus Students

To get the most out of the first-year experience and build a sense of community, SUNY Cortland requires all students living in residence halls (excluding West Campus apartments and the Leadership House), irrespective of academic status, to participate in an On-Campus Meal Plan. If living on campus, you will automatically be assigned the Silver Plan that can be adjusted on myRedDragon. To change your On-Campus Meal Plan, please follow these instructions.

On-Campus Meal Plans offer access to Neubig Dining Hall and The Bistro, our two residential dining units. Choose the plan that offers you the best flexibility and convenience!

Plan Name Cost per Semester Access per Week Dining Dollars per Semester Meal Exchanges per Semester Guest Passes
Platinum  $3,565 Unlimited $450 48 5
Gold  $3,405 14 $450 48 5
Silver * $3,315 14 $350 48 5
Bronze  $3,225 14 $250 48 5

*Silver Plan is the default plan automatically assigned to all students living in on-campus residence halls.
Students living in Cheney and DeGroat are recommended to purchase the Gold or Platinum plans.

Off-Campus and West Campus Students

While Meal Plans are not mandatory for off-campus students, we recommend purchasing a meal plan that meets your needs to save if you plan to dine on campus. Follow these step-by-step instructions to purchase an Off-Campus Meal Plan.

All plans are tax-free -- you save 8% compared to purchasing these meals out of pocket!

We offer three off-campus meal plan options:

1. Meals per Semester Plans

Purchase a combination of a certain number of meal swipes that you can use at our residential dining units (Neubig and The Bistro) and Dining Dollars that can be used in both retail and residential units. 

Plan Name Cost Per Semester Meals Per Semester Approx. Meals Per Week Dining Dollars Per Semester Guest Passes
Olympic $1,350 100 6.5 $525 5
Collegiate $1,100 75 5 $450 5
Recreational $825 50 3 $375 5

2. Dining Dollar Plans (Tax-Free)

Perfect for those who dine on campus occasionally! Purchase our dining dollar plans and receive a free bonus that will be directly added to your account! Dining Dollars can be used in both retail and residential units. 

Plan  Total Dining Dollars (incl. Free Bonus)
$250 Dragon $275 ($25 Bonus)
$500 Dragon $550 ($50 Bonus)
$750 Dragon $825 ($75 Bonus)

3. On-Campus Meal Plans

Choose any of the on-campus plans listed above.

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