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Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Grant Application

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The application attached to this sheet is designed both to help applicants for ASC funding to express their goals and needs and the ASC Board to understand these same goals and needs. In the past, some applicants have not received the funding they requested because their applications were unclear or they omitted important information. Please use this application to explain what you want to do and for what purpose you need the support. If portions of the application are not applicable to you, please indicate with "NA". If you have questions, please contact the ASC Executive Administrative Assistant at 607-753-4325. Notification of a decision will be made by May 1. Funds awarded can be used starting July 1 and must be spent by June 30 of the following year.

Please read the sections titled Purpose, Limitations, and Final Reports; initial each section. Applications not initialed will not be accepted.

PURPOSE: The ASC Board assists applicants whose projects will enhance the life of the SUNY Cortland community. It wishes to encourage projects and programs that are not supported by other sources. Applicants should first seek funding from their own primary funding source--for example: Residential Services, SGA, their department, their dean, SUNY Central, etc. Although ASC is willing to consider a wide range of projects, it seeks to avoid duplicating other funding sources or funding projects more properly supported by State funds.

LIMITATIONS: ASC grant funds may not be used for salaries, honoraria, travel normally funded by the College's budget, or scholarships for SUNY Cortland faculty, staff, or students. Funds may not be used to purchase computers, related hardware or software. In general, program grant funds may not be used exclusively for food (meals, refreshments, hospitality) for SUNY Cortland students, faculty, or staff. Funding for food may be considered if the food is deemed integral to the success of the program or event. All food shall be provided by ASC.

No more than 10% of each grant's total budget may be spent on giveaway items (T-shirts, Frisbees, Pencils, etc.). All recipients are required to ask ASC for supply pricing and allow ASC the right of first refusal.

FINAL REPORT: Applicants receiving funds must upload a final report detailing the usage of funds and project results and include the project number issued to your grant. Reports must be submitted electronically through the ASC website by August 31 of the following year. The approval of future program grants will be contingent upon receipt of the prior year's final report. If you will be applying for a grant that was approved previously, please attach a copy of the most recent annual report or an interim report for the current year.

Failure to do a full post-event analysis using the final report template will result in a 20% reduction in funding. Event attendance numbers are required. Failure to include attendance numbers in the final report will result in further reductions in funding to no funding

I understand that all invoices, receipts and requests for payments must be received by June 29 for ASC to process.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your completed application is received by the third Friday in February by midnight. Please be advised the deadline is strictly enforced. Complete your application in advance of the deadline.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about this application, please feel free to contact the ASC Executive Administrative Assistant at 607-753-4325.

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