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I know that I should eat healthier. How do I get started?

College is a great time to think about improving your eating habits. You can read some short articles about a variety of nutrition topics written by the Cortland Dining Nutritionist: Nutrition Articles | Cortland Auxiliary Services.

There is also a lot of great information about healthy eating at MyPlate | U.S. Department of Agriculture

You can find special resources for college students: Young Adults | MyPlate  and a variety of healthy recipes: MyPlate Kitchen | MyPlate. You can even enter some information about yourself to get a personalized eating plan at MyPlate Plan | MyPlate

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I follow a special diet. How can I find the foods I need on campus?

Cortland Dining is committed to serving guests with special dietary needs. We label all of our menu items with symbols that indicate the presence of top allergens, as well as certain attributes such as gluten friendly, vegetarian, and kosher style. You can see them all at Menu Sign Symbols at SUNY Cortland: What They Indicate About Your Food. We also have special foods available to meet your needs: Students with Medical Nutritional Needs: Policies and Procedures.

You can also find information online about food allergies at Resources - Food Allergy Safety | FARE and about celiac disease at Celiac Disease Foundation.

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I’m concerned that I may have an eating disorder. Where can I find help?

On campus, you can reach out to Student Health Services or The Counseling Center for assistance.

There are also some helpful resources online such as Contact the Helpline | National Eating Disorders Association.

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I’m an athlete and was told that my food choices can impact my performance. Where can I find information about nutrition for athletes?

Nutrition can definitely impact athletic performance. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about nutrition for athletes, but you can find accurate information at Nutrition | - The Official Site of the NCAA

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