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The Campus Store uses the online course material adoption platform >Verba Collect.  ALL faculty members will receive an email with login information and instructions to submit their course material requests.

If you need assistance, please contact us at 607-753-2090, or email or contact your department secretary.

Important Dates

Fall and Summer requests are due in March. Winter and Spring requests are due in early November.  The early adoption of course materials gives us the ability to source textbooks at the best prices and pass those savings along to our students!

How to Submit Requests

Our course material adoption platform is Verba Collect. Watch for emails from in March and October. There will be a tab for you to view instructional documents and videos for submitting your adoptions.  READ MORE               WATCH A VIDEO

Answer These 4 Questions:

1.    OK to use old edition? Are students able to purchase the less-expensive older version? Or do you want all students in the class to have the same, most-current edition? 
2.    E-book? Is it acceptable for us to offer an e-book version (if available) as an option? 
3.    Paperback or loose leaf? Is it acceptable to offer these less-expensive versions, if available? 
4.    AccessCode required? More publishers are including online digital learning material and resources such as MindTap, MyLab, Connect, etc.. with their new books. These resources usually require an access code. If you are not using the resources as part of the instruction, please answer NO. We’ll be able to source less-expensive used copies without codes.  

Please ensure that you click the “Submit” button after you have selected all of your material for a particular course.

Please be sure to use the Supply tab to let us know if a particular “non-book” material is required, such as index cards, graphing paper, a particular calculator, etc.

Current Trends and Options


  • E-books have come a long way! The Campus Store works closely with RedShelf, an e-book platform provider, to offer hundreds of e-book titles to Cortland students. The e-reader platform is becoming a more interactive experience. Students today are becoming more accustomed to using e-books. Feel free to check out our list of available titles at  You may also check out the e-book experience at   
  • Cengage Unlimited: Subscription model, where students pay one price for access to all of Cengage Learning's Digital titles & resources.  Students may also elect to purchase printed material for a small nominal fee. 1 semester $ 119.00 1 year $179.00
  • Rent Or Digital Only: Pearson and Mcgraw Hill Publishers are distributing new editions as rent (hardback and/or paperbacks) as rent or digital version only. Loose leaf version maybe available at a higher price.
  • OER: Open Educational Resources: Free educational material, usually presented in a digital or online format. The Campus Store is able to produce printed version of SUNY OER and OpenStax material for a small fee to the students as an option.
  • Inclusive Access/Day One Access: 
    • Drastically reduces the price of textbooks and course material. 
    •  Faculty/department commit to require digital content of course material. Students may additionally elect to purchase printed material for a nominal fee. 
    • Faculty requires and uses publisher’s digital material, online assignments, video, testing, etc.
    • Students opt-in through their Blackboard account, gaining instant access to the material.
    • The store charges the students’ SUNY Cortland accounts through the Student Accounts office, within the first few weeks of classes.

As The Campus Store Receives and reviews the course material requests we or a publisher representative will reach out to faculty/and or department, if we feel a course and material is a candidate for Inclusive Access.    

  • Custom Books or Course Packs: Include lab manuals, an Instructor’s own writings or notes related to a particular course, selected chapters or anthologies of a current book or out of print book.          

Free educational material, usually presented in a digital or online format. The Campus Store is able to produce printed version of SUNY OER and OpenStax material for a small fee to the students as an option.
If you are interested in any of these current trends and options please contact: 
Anthony Marchewka, Assistant Store Director
PH# 607-753-2090 

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